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5402, 5602 SW, 2402, 4602 SW Telephones

These telephones are best suited for the Walkup User.



Works on IP Office

Works on IP Office and

Communication Manager




5602 SW




tick *


4602 SW



*Early 2402 telephones can make and receive call but the display will not function.

Note: The 5602 SW and 4602 SW phones are supported by IP Office Release 6 but are no longer available for new sales.

Common Features:

Display: 2 lines x 24 characters.
Fixed Feature Buttons: 10 - Conference, Transfer, Drop, Redial, Speaker, Messages, Hold, Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down.
Programmable Feature Buttons:
DS Phones: 2 plus an additional 12 programmable feature keys can be accessed via the FEATURE key.
IP Phones: 2.
Key Labels: Icons and text used on fixed feature keys. Display labels and icons used on 2 programmable feature keys.
Speakerphone: Listen-only handsfree speaker (no microphone).
Hearing Aid Compatible: Yes.
Message Waiting Indicator: Yes. On the 2402 and 5402 this is can also be used as a ringing call alert indicator.
Personalized Ring Patterns: Yes- 8 (via Conference button when idle).
Headset Socket: No, this telephone does not support headset operation.
Embedded Applications: None.
Upgradeable Firmware: DS Phones - No. IP Phones - Yes.
Expansion: None.
Color: Multi-gray.
Mounting: Desk or wall mountable.
Adjustable Desk Stand: No.

Requirements for 5402 and 2402:

Connect to: Digital Station (DS) port.
Power Supply: From phone system.

Requirements for 5602 SW and 4602 SW:

Power Supply: IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) or individual power supply unit (Avaya 1151 series).
Codecs: G.711, G.729a/b.
QoS Options: UDP Port Selection, DiffServ and 802.1p/q (VLAN)
SNMP Support: Yes.
IP Address Assignment: Static or dynamic IP address assignment.
Ethernet Ports: Two port full-duplex 10/100 BaseT Ethernet switch for PC pass-through connection.
Auto-negotiation provided separately for each port.
802.3 Flow Control.
Phone has priority over PC port at all times.

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