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3701 IP DECT Telephone

This telephone is fully supported on the Avaya IP DECT system

However, it can also be used on the Avaya DECT R4 system in 'GAP-mode' with functionality limited to standard calling functionality, DECT roaming and handover. The built in feature list will not work on DECT R4.


Listen-only handsfree speaker.
SOS Emergency key for speed dialing an emergency number.
Information key that can be used for:
Phone number lists and voice mail indication.
Information and speaker key flash when active.
50 phone book entries in every handset
10 possible ring tones with temporary mute.
4-level signal strength display.
Speaker and handset volume, 3-levels and mute capability.
Manual and automatic key lock (1 minute timer).
Temporary ring tone muting.
Silent charging.
12 menu languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. However, in the Czech and Norwegian language mode some menu items may appear in the English language.
Illuminated 3-line graphic display (96 x 33 pixels), variable 3-level contrast.
Stand-by time: Up to 100 hours.
Talk time: Up to 10 hours.
Charge time: max. 6 hours for empty batteries.
Weight: 138 grammes including 3 AAA (NiMH) batteries.
Dimensions (Height x Width X Depth): 146 x 55 x 28 mm.

Optional telephone accessories include:

Desktop charger.
An adapter cord for use with headsets.
Heavy-duty belt clip.

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