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TAPILink Pro (3rd Party TAPI Support)

TAPILink Pro provides all of the features and functionality of TAPILink Lite, but additionally provides third party CTI operation. This means that a single server can control and monitor any number of telephone devices.

In addition, TAPILink Pro provides the ability to monitor and control groups. This allows an application to be notified when a call enters a queue, and can also redirect it to another location.

TAPILink Pro also supports additional TAPI functionality that is not available through TAPILink Lite. This functionality is supported through the LineGetLineDevStatus and LineDevSpecific calls. The additional features are:

Agent login.
Agent logout.
Set and retrieve divert destination.
Set and retrieve extended divert status (Forward All Calls, Forward on Busy, Forward on No Answer, Do not Disturb).
Retrieving the extension locale (language).
Set and clear the message waiting lamp.
Enable and disable group membership.
Generate and detect DTMF digits and tones (requires the TAPI-WAV driver).

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