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Absence Text


Display a text message on the user's phone and IP Office Phone Manager application.
Display the same message on other internal phones and IP Office applications when calling the user.


Inform other internal users of your current status and likely availability.


Any user can set Absence Text on their phone, even users of standard analog phones, but it can only be displayed on selected display phones, Phone Manager and SoftConsole that call the user. Most supported feature phones give the option of adding some text, for example, "At lunch until 16:00".


When a user has an absence text message set, call processing is not affected to the user and they still have the choice of using features like Do Not Disturb or Forward on No Answer as appropriate. Phones that support the interactive setting of Absence Text will also display it on the users own phone for the benefit of people who come to their desk. There are 10 predefined strings for Absence Text:

None (no text message)
"On vacation until"
"Will be back"
"At lunch until"
"Meeting until"
"Please call"
"Don't disturb until"
"With visitors until"
"With cust. til"
"Back soon"
"Back tomorrow"

All may have additional text entered, eg message 4 plus 10:00 will show "Meeting until 10:00" and the text strings are localized to the system language

This feature is supported across the IP Office Small Community Network

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