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Account Codes


Associate an account code with a call.
Validate account codes used against list stored by the IP Office.
Include the account code used with call log details.


Through the call records, group calls by account code for the purpose of call costing and tracking.
Restrict outgoing calls by requiring users to enter a valid account code.


IP Office stores a list of valid account code numbers. When making a call or during the call, the user can enter the account code they want associated with that call. IP Office will check the account code against its list of valid codes and request the user to re-enter the code if it is not valid. For incoming calls, the Caller ID can be used to match it with an account code from the IP Office's list of valid codes and report the account code with the call for billing.

Individual users can be set to Forced Account Code operation where they are required to enter a valid account code before making external calls. By using IP Office Short Codes it is possible to identify certain numbers or call types as requiring a valid account code before permitting the call to proceed, for example long distance or international numbers. Analog phone users can only enter account codes before making a call or in response to an audible system prompt to enter a code when making the call.

Account codes can also be entered through the one-X Portal for IP Office and Phone Manager. A system wide setting determines whether Phone Manager will display a list of account codes from which the user can select the code required or will hide the account code list.

In all the cases above, the account code entered is included with the call details in the IP Office's call record output. (SMDR).

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