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Digital Wireless 3810 Telephone



2-line, 32 character Handset Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
10 hours of talk time, and 4 days of standby time.
4 displayed operation modes indicating Talk, Ringer On/Off, Battery Low, and Message Waiting.
Single button access to fixed features – Hold, Transfer, Conference, and Redial.
4 programmable buttons to access features on the PBX.
20 Number Memory for quick and easy speed dialing
10 channels, supporting up to 10 simultaneous conversations in overlapping radio coverage areas.
Headset jack.
Ringer and Handset volume control.
User selectable ring type.
Vibrate alert.
Redial Button
Base Unit and Charger Unit.

The Avaya 3810 Wireless Telephone is a digital telephone designed to work with IP Office from release 2.0 and above by connecting to a Digital Station (DS) port. It offers the mobility inherent in a wireless telephone plus access to a number of features and functionality of the connected communications system.

A maximum of 5 Avaya 3810 wireless handsets can be connected to the same IP Office in any overlapping radio coverage area.

This phone is only available in the USA and Canada.

The Avaya 3810 is delivered as a single unit containing:

Base Unit.
Telephone Cord.
Base Unit Power Supply Adapter.
Charging Stand Power Supply Adapter.
Rechargeable Battery.
Belt Clip.
Charging Stand.
User and Installation Guide.
Wall Plate Adapter.

3810 parts

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