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BM32 Button Module for 1616 IP Phones DBM32 Button Module for 1416 Digital Phones


The DBM32/BM32 Button Module extends the number of feature buttons on your Avaya 1416 Digital/1616 IP Telephone. It provides 32 additional buttons all with dual LEDs (red, green) for easy visibility.

Up to 3 DBM32/BM32 button modules can be connected to a 1416/1616 phone. The total number of DBM32/BM32 button modules supported on one IP Office system is 32, subject to the total system limits. Please refer to System Button Module Support for the total system limitations of button modules on IP Office.

Note that the DBM32 can only be used with the Digital 1416 while the BM32 is for use with the 1616 IP phone.

Typical uses are:

to provide additional lines for calls bridged from one or more other extensions
to provide abbreviated dialing buttons
to provide buttons to access additional switch features like call forwarding

Please note that a external power supply is always needed for a DBM32 connected to a 1416 telephone and is needed when connecting more then one BM32 to a 1616 telephone.

The DBM32 module is planned to become available during the first half of 2010.

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