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Bridged Appearance Buttons


Allow the user to have an appearance button that matches another user's call appearance button.


Answer and make calls on behalf of the other user.
Audible indication of calls presented to the bridged user, where programmed
Visual indication of when the other user has calls presented, held or connected.
Join and exchange calls using the paired call appearance and bridged appearance buttons.


A bridged appearance button matches the activity on one of another user's call appearance button. For example, when the call appearance shows a ringing call, the bridged appearance button will also show the ringing call and can be used to answer that call.

Similarly, if the bridged appearance button is used to make a call, the call activity is shown on the matching call appearance button. The call appearance button user can join or takeover the call using their call appearance button.

Bridged appearance buttons allow paired 'manager/secretary' style operation between two users, and are only supported for users who have call appearance buttons.

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