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Cascaded Out-Calling

VoiceMail Pro can send a notification, with an escalation capability, that a new voice message has been received in a user's mailbox to specified phone number(s). This is particularly useful in environments such as healthcare and support where important voice messages are left and need to be answered promptly - even outside of office hours.

For example should a patient leave an important message to the main number of the doctor’s office, the voicemail system can ring the doctor at the office then on no response escalates to the doctor’s mobile/cell phone, his/her home phone or the doctor on duty after a programmable timeout. This avoids having to rely on an external answering service and allows mobile/cell and home phone numbers to remain private.

The voicemail notification can be sent for:

Any new voice messages
Any new priority voice messages

Mailbox owners can configure their own options from their handset (Telephone User Interface or TUI) and through their IP Office Phone Manager.

Create own Time Profile – defining when notification should take place (e.g. office hours only)
Out-calling destinations – defining where notification should take place and in which priority order

Five destinations can be defined by the mailbox owner through the TUI (Telephone User Interface). The destinations selected in the escalation list are called in sequence. The possible destinations are:


Each time an outcall event occurs, each number in the escalation list will be called until either the call is answered, or the end of the list is reached. This process will be repeated on each retry attempt, for the number of retries set.

Out-calling preferences are set for global operation via the VoiceMail Pro Client. Out-calling is only available in INTUITY Mode. The administrator sets the number of retries and time interval between retries on a system-wide level.

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