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Wireless and Remote Phone Solutions

Avaya IP Office Wireless Solutions include analog, digital and IP-based WiFi wireless phones. These are solutions employees can use every day to work more effectively and be more responsive to customers - all while increasing revenues and keeping communication costs firmly under control. Also, Avaya IP Office Mobility Solutions integrate seamlessly with IP Office, enhancing each customer’s investment. IP Office's in-building Mobility Solutions improve communication with staff that, because of the function they perform, are mobile within the workplace. Using wireless technology, such individuals may be instantly contactable, with many obvious benefits;

The wireless telephone is carried in the pocket, so users are not tied to the desk in order to remain in contact.
Users may be contacted instantly to ensure fast, accurate decision making and immediate response to problems through planned radio coverage with no blind spots

Avaya Wireless and Remote Solutions

IP Office supports the following wireless solutions:

DECT R4, is the mainstream IP based DECT solution, offered in the EMEA and NA regions and in selected APAC countries. With the new Compact base-station, it is also the first choice for small installs with smaller channel/capacity need.
IP-DECT in the EMEA and NA regions and in selected APAC countries is also supported on IP Office. Note that the IP-DECT solution will be eventually completely replaced by DECT R4.
Digital Wireless North American market.
Avaya VoIP WiFi Solution offered worldwide in selected countries including North America, EU countries and selected others.

IP Office supports the following VPN remote phone solutions:

VPN phone functionality on all supported 9600 phones. VPN functionality is a integral part of the 9600 software and does neither require a separate software load nor does it require a license.
VPN phone client on 4610SW, 4621SW, 5610SW and 5621SW IP phones offered worldwide.

Which DECT solution should be used?

For all new installs, we strongly recommend selection of the new DECT R4 solution as future functionality additions will happen only on DECT R4.  The new 3720 and 3725 handsets offer enhanced capabilities, the latter supporting a color screen and Bluetooth headset. The functionality GAP of DECT R4, requiring a AIWS server for corporate directory access, has been closed with Release 6, moving access to IP Office telephone book back onto the Master base-station.

While being fully supported on IP Office Release 5, the current  IP-DECT solution with the 3701 and 3711 handsets will be replaced by the new DECT R4 solution with superior features in the upcoming future. End of Sale will be announced

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