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Extended Personal Greetings

In INTUITY emulation mode, the VoiceMail Pro system has the ability to hold a number of greetings within each user’s mailbox that can be played to a caller. In addition to the standard mailbox greetings, the extended personal greetings provide the ability to present the caller with a greeting that reflects where the call has come from (internal or external) or why the called party is unable to take the call. A mailbox user can configure the responses played back to the caller, based upon the reason the caller was routed to the voicemail. The supported call states are:

The user is currently on a call and unable to accept a second call.
No Reply
The user is away from the desk and unable to take a call.
A greeting to be played to internal calls
The greeting to be played to external callers
Out Of Hours
The greeting played when a hunt group is operating 'out of hours'. Out of hours is defined with IP Office Manager and is only applicable to hunt group mailboxes.

A greeting can be recorded for each of the above conditions through the Telephone User Interface (TUI). If a recording is made for each condition, the order of play back to a caller will be:

1. Out of hours (Hunt group mailboxes only).
2. Internal/External greeting.
3. Busy/Engaged.
4. No reply.

A mailbox owner will need to record greetings against these conditions to deliver the greeting that they wish to present to a caller. one-X Portal for IP Office & Phone Manager Pro users can record and manage their voicemail greetings through the application GUI.

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