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Fax Messages

Integration with fax software, integration with fax to the desktop or client fax applications can be realized through the use of fax servers. This allows an email client (for example Microsoft Outlook) to be utilized as an easily affordable unified messaging solution. The many benefits of unified messaging include security (as faxes are sent to the users PC rather than on paper for everyone to see), ease-of-use and efficiency in terms of storage and retrieval of messages and the great gains that can be made in overall workforce efficiency and productivity.

To enhance the support of third party fax solutions, VoiceMail Pro supports the automatic detection of incoming fax calls. Traditionally a dedicated telephone number is provided for all incoming fax calls. In addition to, or as an alternative to, the VoiceMail Pro 'Menu' action or a subscriber's voicemail box (INTUITY mode) can automatically detect any incoming fax calls and then direct the call to a predefined location. The benefit to a business or user is that only one number is required for either voice or fax calls.

The VoiceMail Pro can store the default fax location for the automatic routing of fax calls. Alternatively, with fax tone detection at the voicemail box, each voicemail box can have a fax location number. If a voicemail box owner has set his or her own fax number, then that number is used instead of the default fax location.

Voicemail box subscribers can set their own fax number through their mailbox menus.

Most fax solutions can be used in conjunction with IP Office; however the following products have been tested and verified to operate in the above scenarios:

Equisys - Zetafax
Zetafax for Networks provides versatile network fax software solutions for small businesses, corporate offices and distributed enterprise businesses. It enables employees to send and receive faxes at their desktop, without the need to print fax communications, take them to a fax machine and send them manually. Zetafax can be seamlessly integrated into market leading email systems like Exchange allowing users to send and receive faxes directly from their Outlook client. In addition Zetafax can be integrated with other existing applications, such as accounting or CRM systems, for fast, automated faxing from the desktop or back office. Further product information available from
Open Text Fax Server (formerly Captaris RightFax)
RightFax offers a broad, scalable product line that integrates with email, desktop, CRM, ERP, document management, imaging, archival, call center, copier/scanner systems, as well as host, legacy and mainframe applications–virtually all business applications. Further product information available from
Fenestrae Faxination
Fenestrae Faxination Server for Microsoft Exchange integrates fax into email technology. Create faxes on your desktop and deliver them to your chosen fax machine at the click of a mouse. Further product information available from
GFI GFI FaxMaker
GFI FaxMaker for Exchange/SMTP allows users to send and receive faxes and SMS/text messages directly from their email client. It integrates with Active Directory and therefore does not require the administration of a separate fax user database. GFI FAXmaker integrates via the SMTP/POP3 protocol with Lotus Notes and any SMTP/POP3 server. Further product information available from
Open Text Fax Appliance (formerly Castelle FaxPress)
Faxes routed to a user’s mailbox by this fax server will be recognized by VoiceMail Pro as faxes, and will be supported by VoiceMail Pro Fax features. More information is available from

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