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Group Hunting - Ring / Page (INTERCOM 77G / INTERCOM *77G)

Use this feature to distribute call volume among extensions in a group, to off-load call activity from a single user. When an intercom or transferred call is placed to a Hunt Group (where G is a Hunt Group number from 1–6), the system rings or voice-signals the first available extension in the group, passing over busy extensions (or those with Do Not Disturb on) in a circular hunt. If a ringing call is not answered within three rings, the call moves to the next available extension, and so on, until the call is answered or the caller hangs up.

For a voice-signaled call, only the first available extension is signaled; if that extension does not answer, the call does not keep hunting. After an extension receives a Hunt Group call, the next call to the Hunt Group will not ring or voice-signal that extension first unless all other extensions in the group are busy or do not answer.

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