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Interquartz Gemini Phones (EMEA and APAC)

Avaya have tested the new generation Interquartz Gemini analog telephones with IP Office to ensure that telephone and system are compatible. The Gemini phones offer good value for money without compromising on quality. Their stylish design and rugged build quality make them a popular choice for buyers on a limited budget.

For sales enquiries and product information contact Interquartz at [email protected] .

Basic telephone 9330-AV


Visual Message Waiting Indication.
Locking mute button with LED indicator.
Last number redial.
Recall button.
Ringer volume adjust.
Ringer indicator light.
Wall mountable - no additional bracket required.
Hearing aid compatible.
Rubber feet to minimize slippage

CLI Feature phone 9335-AV


All features of 9330-AV plus:

Caller ID with 80 memories (shows date, time and new/repeat/answered/unanswered calls) .
Large 3 line LCD display.
IP Office feature activation through programmable keys.
100 name and number personal directory.
20 lockable direct access memories.
Full handsfree working.
Headset port.
Switchable Time Break Recall 100 / 200 / 300 / 600 ms.
Call timer.
Alphanumeric keypad.
Last number redial with 5 memories.

Hotel Phone 9281-AV


Removable inlay card for personalized logo printing.
Triple standard message waiting light (high voltage, reverse polarity and voltage drop).
10 non-volatile memories.
Ringer indicator light.
Ringer volume and pitch adjustment.
Last number redial and Recall button.
Hearing aid compatible.
Wall mountable – no additional bracket required.
ELR/TBR switchable.
MF Only.

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