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IP Office Essential Edition PARTNER Version

The IP Office Essential Edition - PARTNER Version (known hereafter as PARTNER Version) is the next evolution of communications system for small businesses

PARTNER Version is designed to work directly out of the box without any programming or administration, allowing users to immediately make and place calls via analog trunks.

PARTNER Version provides the end user a similar desktop experience as the PARTNER ACS: eg. 2 dedicated intercom buttons, key system functionality, Caller ID, etc. This helps minimize training requirements and provides the end user with the same comfort level they have come to expect with the PARTNER ACS system.

PARTNER Version provides the bulk of the feature set that the current PARTNER ACS R8 supports; plus integrates enhanced features from the IP Office Essential Edition platform, such as Mobile Twinning, Visual Voice Mail, 64-party Conferencing, SIP Trunking, Full PRI/T1 and more.

PARTNER Version provides the same 2-digit extension numbering plan as PARTNER ACS.

PARTNER Version supports all current and “Euro” versions of PARTNER ACS telephones. PARTNER Version also introduces a new line of digital telephones – 14xx Series sets, which will work in conjunction with the PARTNER ETR sets. Also supported is our current 3920 and 3910 wireless products, as well as most analog devices (fax, wireless headsets, analog phones). The original MLS series telephones and older wireless telephones are not supported.

PARTNER Version includes Embedded Voice Mail; providing a 2-port Automated Attendant (upgradeable to 6-ports) and voice mail coverage activated for all telephones.

System Capacities

PARTNER Version supports the following (may not be attained simultaneously):

48 Stations:
Up to 18 ETR Stations
Up to 46 Digital Stations
Up to 48 Analog Stations
56 Trunks:
Up to 12 analog CO lines
1 PRI/T1 (24 lines)
Up to 20 SIP lines

System Programming

System programming is accomplished in 2 ways:

Telephone User Interface (TUI) from extension 10 or extension 11; and uses the same administration codes as the PARTNER ACS system.
Graphical User Interface (GUI) – PARTNER Version provides a “Simplified Manager” mode in the IP Office Manager software; allowing you to program the system in less than 30 minutes



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