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The right phone for the User:

With a wide choice of telephones, supporting both digital and IP interfaces, Avaya IP Office has always the right phone for a user.

Key-driven phones for the cost-sensitive customer

The 1600 IP phone and 1400 digital phones are classical, cost effective Telephones designed especially around the needs of the Small and Mid-Size Business customer. Keys with clear red and green LEDs make access to lines and feature a breeze. These phones are especially well suited for cost sensitive customers as well in scenarios where “key-system-functionality” is needed. They provide an easy migration pass for users that have been accustomed to e.g. the 4400 line or the PARTNER line of digital telephones.

Paperless phones for fast installation and cost efficient changes:

The new 9600 IP phones, as well as the 5600 IP and 5400 Digital telephones are especially welcomed where a low cost of ownership is important. All phones are equipped with paperless keys, making it easy to change features and button assignments from remote. The shift/page button allows access to a large number of lines or features that are shown dynamically in the display, making access to IP Office functionality easy while providing a clean, easy to use user-interface.

Access to phones everywhere in and IP Office Network (SCN):

With support of hotdesking across a large line of telephones, IP Office phones are perfect in an environment where people change their workplace regularly. With a simple login, users can make any telephone, digital or IP, their personal extension. This works not only in a single IP Office but also across a “small community network”, making traveling from one company site to another a breeze.

Even better, on 9600, 1600 and 1400 telephones, this functionality has been further enhanced by providing a centralized call log, directory and personal settings. When hotdesking to a different phone, call-logs and directory are instantly updated and synchronized over the network, eliminating e.g. lost calls as the call log was not available at a remote site.

Avaya IP Office Desktop phones are designed to meet typical user needs in the small and mid business market:

Walk Up
Phones in common areas like a meetings room, lobby or store. The phones are normally used by casual users that walk-up to a phone where they make a quick phone call. Normally, no sophisticated features are needed.
Example user: Customer, Visitor.
Users that need a phone on their desk as part of their everyday job. While having a phone is important, the phone is just another tool on the desk for users using several alternative communication technologies.
Example user: Engineer, Accountant.
A typical user manages a lot of calls, often as a significant part of their job. In many cases they also manage calls for others users and need to be efficient in connecting callers to the right people.
Example user: Executive Assistant, Receptionist.
For these users, handling a lot of calls is essential and they are constantly on the phone.  Quite often, they handle multiple calls; they must always be connected, even when mobile. They require a set of rich, yet easy to use communication capabilities.
Example user: Sales Executive, Banker, Lawyer, Project leader.

Phones for the different Usage categories:

Walk Up: 1603, 1403, 5402/2402, T3 Compact (Europe only)
Everyday: 1603SW (Basic Everyday), 1608, 9620/9620C, 1408, 5610SW/4610SW, 5410/2410, T3 Classic (Europe only)
Receptionist/Assistant: 1616 (with BM32 if needed), 9650 with SBM24, 1416 (with DBM32 if needed), 5621/4621SW with EU24, 5420/2420 with EU24, T3 Comfort (Europe only)
Executive: 9630, 9640, 5621/4621SW, 5420/2420, T3 Comfort (Europe only)

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