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IP500 Digital Station Module

This expansion module provides additional Digital Station (DS) ports for selected Avaya 1400, 2400, 4400, 5400, 6400, T3 (EMEA only) Series phones and 3810 wireless phones (North America only). The IP500 Digital Station module is available in 2 variants; 16 or 30 extensions.

For installations in a rack, this module requires the IP500 Rack Mounting Kit. The IP500 Digital Station Module is functionally identical to the IP400 Digital Station V2 Module.



Telephones can be located up to 3280 feet (1km) from the control unit. For extensions located "out-of-the-building" additional line protection will be needed. For more information on cabling and out of building guidelines, see the IP Office Installation Manual.
For systems where Direct Station Select (DSS) Units are being used, IP Office supports a maximum of:
BM32: (1616)
Up to 32 DBM32s supported (32 buttons each, up to 1024 buttons).
DSS4450: (4412D+, 4424D+)
Up to 8 DSS4450 modules per system (maximum of 2 per DS expansion module, including the IP406v2) (50 buttons each, max 400 buttons).
DBM32: (1416)
Up to 32 DBM32s supported (32 buttons each, up to 1024 buttons).
EU24/EU24BL: (4620, 4621, 5420, 5620, 5621/4620, 4621, 5620, 5621)
Up to 8 EU24s per system (24 buttons each, max 196 buttons).
SBM24: (9630G, 9640, 9640G, 9650, 9650C)
Up to 42 SBM24s per system (24 buttons each, up to 1008 buttons).
T3 Series: (All T3 phones)
Up to 30 T3 DSS modules supported. (36 buttons each, up to 1080 buttons). T3 DSS buttons are not included in the overall system limit for additional button module buttons.
XM24: (6416+, 6424+)
Up to 10 XM24 units per system (maximum of 2 per DS expansion module, including the IP406v2) with a maximum of 1 per 6416+/6424+ phone (24 buttons each giving a maximum of 240 XM24 buttons).

See the Telephones Section for specific limits on the number of each type of telephone supported on DS modules.

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