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IP500 Phone Expansion Module

This module provides additional analog telephone interfaces:

Two Wire.
DTMF signaling (No rotary or Loop Disconnect).
Time Break Recall (No Earth Recall).
Caller ID capable.
Message Waiting Indication (MWI) capable - High Voltage, Pulsed High Voltage, Line Reversal.

The IP500 Phone module is available in 2 versions, giving 16 or 30 extensions. Telephones can be located up to 3280 feet (1km) from the control unit. For extensions located "out-of-the-building" additional line protection will be needed. For more information on cabling and out of building guidelines, see the IP Office Installation Manual.



IP Office Phone Modules provide support for a variety of analog MWI methods. These methods are 51V Stepped, 81V, 101V and Line Reversal.
Each analog port can support a device of maximum 1 REN.
On analog ports, call information is sent while the phone is ringing, and cannot be updated during a call or set on an outbound call (the phone may do a local match but this is not controlled by the IP Office).  The primary purpose of displays is to give information about incoming calls. Where the Caller Display standard chosen supports the delivery of text (extension name) as well as the number, both are delivered.
An analog extension port can be set for external Paging operation. It does not operate like a normal extension and is connected to external equipment through an isolation device. The Port will always be busy so it cannot be called directly and can only be accessed by using a paging feature. When not receiving a Page, the port will remain silent. When being paged, the page tone is sent before the speech path is opened.

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