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IP Office Video Softphone

With Release 6 IP Office introduces – as part of the Teleworker and Power User package – a new Softphone application.

The Softphone is a full feature telephony client that supports standard telephony features on a PC running supported Microsoft operating systems including new Microsoft Windows 7.

Support of several audio options including support of wireless headsets with full hook-switch support provides a flexible telephone option, especially for people on the move.

Softphone is part of the Teleworker and the Power user package. An applicable Teleworker/ Power User license for the user of the Softphone is required; however Softphone does not require any additional license, e.g. no (Avaya) IP-station license.

Softphone can run in two different operating modes:

a) Softphone client mode: The Softphone provides its own User interface, similar to a standard IP Office telephone for making calls, transferring calls, multiple call appearances or making conference calls. A programmable feature button list allows one-touch access to standard IP Office features. This is the preferred usage scenario for customers not running other IP Office productivity applications like one-X portal. It is also the preferred operation mode for users who want to smoothly migrate from their desktop phone or who use Softphone only occasionally and prefer a phone-centric user-interface, with optional dial pad and standard phone feature keys. The user interface is flexible, allowing adjustment for personal preferences with detachable specific windows like the directory and call log window. The attached picture shows the Softphone with dial pad and feature keys, plus a view of the contacts of Softphone.

Softphone can also be configured to be minimized to the system tray when not in use to smaller or larger configurations to save desk-space.

softphone montage

b) Application mode: the Softphone runs in the background and standard call control is accomplished through productivity applications, such as one-X Portal for IP Office that is part of the User profiles described above.
If run with one-X portal it provides the following additional value:
1. Consistent user interface when using one-X Portal with a desktop phone, in telecommuter mode or in combination with Softphone.
2. Off-line call log with updates even when Softphone is not logged in
3. Additional features of one-X Portal e.g. presence and instant messaging.

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