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Computer Telephony Integration with IP Office

IP Office offers a significant CTI capability. Several interfaces are supported:

TAPILink Lite.
TAPILink Pro.
TAPI-WAV driver.
DevLink Pro.
IP Office SMDR.
IP Office Software Development Kit.

TAPILink Lite
Provides first-party CTI support for Microsoft TAPI 2.1 and TAPI 3.0, so each PC can control or monitor one handset device. The software components are supplied with the IP Office system on the User CD-Rom, and do not required a license key for use.
TAPILink Pro
Provides third-party CTI support  for TAPI 2.1 and 3.0. These components are identical to their first-party equivalent; the presence of the CTI Link Pro RFA license key (which can be purchased in the usual way for products) enables this additional functionality.
TAPI-WAV driver
Provides software-based support for voice processing. The TAPI-WAV driver is for use with TAPI 2.1 only; for TAPI 3.0, IP Office supports the Media Service Provider (MSP) interface, defined by Microsoft in TAPI 3.0. This functionality will only work in conjunction with CTI Link Pro and also requires TAPI WAV licenses. Each license enables 4 ports of voice processing.
DevLink Pro
Provides a real-time event stream in addition to the SMDR interface provided in IP Office SMDR. The real-time event stream takes the form of a call record, which is issued whenever the state of any endpoint of a call changes (typically there are two end points on a call, but for some circumstances, such as conference calls, intruded calls there may be more).
IP Office SMDR
Provides an interface to obtain SMDR events. A comma-separated record is issued for each call, when the call is completed. This interface is designed for call accounting and call billing applications. IP Office SMDR is available free of charge, and distributed on the IP Office Admin CD-ROM. The IP Office SMDR can be output direct from the IP Office control unit to a designated IP address and port.
Software Development Kit
This toolkit is delivered on a single CD-Rom, containing the developer documentation for TAPILink Lite, TAPILink Pro, DevLink Lite and DevLink pro, as well as pre-compiled programs for exploring TAPI 2.1 and 3.0. In addition, example source code is included, making it easy for developers to become familiar with IP Office CTI interfaces.

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