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IP Office Preferred Edition Meet-Me Conferencing Solution

The conferencing solution built-in to IP Office enables multiple callers to talk in an audio conference. Callers can be on-site personnel as well as external parties whether field-based engineers, sales staff on the road, customers or suppliers. Conference calls can be planned in advance or established ad-hoc as and when required.

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IP Office Preferred Edition with VoiceMail Pro complements the built-in conference bridge facility on IP Office systems by allowing participants to enter conferences through dedicated numbers, adding guidance prompts as well as requesting PIN codes as participants enter the conference for security. For example, if conference calls are regularly scheduled, VoiceMail Pro can have pre-programmed Call Flows for weekly conference calls e.g. every Tuesday between 2pm and 5pm using PIN code 1234 for a sales call, etc.  If multiple conference calls are scheduled, users can select which one they want to attend via a simple menu. Should users encounter any issues, calls can be automatically routed to the operator for assistance. For additional security, if Caller ID information is provided by the network VoiceMail Pro can make CallerID checks before allowing calls into a conference.

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