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Network Assessment

With IP Office, optimum network configurations can support VoIP with a perceived voice quality equivalent to that of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). However, not every network is able to take advantage of VoIP transmissions. It is important to distinguish between basic compliance with the minimal VoIP standards and validated support for QoS which is needed to run VoIP applications over a data network.

With the exception of standalone configurations where IP phones connect directly connected to the ports on IP Office, Avaya now requires that all customers formally audit their networks for IP telephony readiness before attempting to install any VoIP application.

A network assessment should normally include:

Physical inventory of all equipment inclusive of the current version of code, and configurations as needed.
An accurate and complete network topology for all networked sites, inclusive of IP addressing and physical/logical connections.
An evaluation of the network's topology to check that the design is both sound and reasonable.
Measurement of packet loss, jitter and delay over the course of multiple days and measured on a per minute basis. A graphical representation of the data is the preferred output method.
Examination of QoS/Class of Service (CoS) parameters in place in the network.
Summary of findings and possible actions to correct problems.

The assessment should leave you confident that the implemented network will have the capacity for the foreseen data and voice traffic, and can support H.323, DHCP, TFTP, and jitter buffers in H.323 applications.

With this in mind, if you require support during or after an IP Office VoIP installation, a copy of your network assessment documentation will be requested by your support channel.

For more details about available tools, resources and services to enable you to audit your network for VoIP readiness, please contact your local Avaya representative.

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