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PC Requirements

General Requirements

The IP Office Preferred Edition license enables a 4 port VoiceMail Pro and up to 8 ports 3rd party Text-to-Speech. To use the maximum of 8 TTS ports a minimum of 8 VoiceMail Pro ports is required. The TTS engine has to be purchased/licensed separately.
Additional VoiceMail Pro ports can be added by purchasing the VoiceMail Pro 2, 4, 8 and 16 port add-on licenses up to the maximum depending on the IP Office System.
The IP Office Advanced Edition license enables the following VoiceMail Pro components:
VB Scripting.
Contact Store.
3rd party Text-to-Speech, 8 ports (separate TTS engine required, or MS TTS engine delivered with the Windows operating system).
If VoiceMail Pro server is installed without a license it will run for 2 hours and then shutdown. Not applicable to Backup VoiceMail Pro use.
IP Office DVD contains VoiceMail Pro with its components.
Switch off any PC and hard disk sleep, power down, suspend, hibernation modes.

PC Specification

Always refer to the latest Avaya IP Office Technical Tip or Technical Bulletin for any updated information with regards to Operating Systems, Service Packs or PC hardware
Refer to Technical Specifications section of the Product Description for Operating System and Hardware requirements


The Voicemail PC must be configured and tested for TCP/IP networking.
The Voicemail PC must have a fixed IP address.

Disk Space

A compact or typical installation requires 500MB for the VoiceMail Pro software. A full installation requires up to 2GB of disk space. However prompts and recorded messages consume an additional 1MB of disk space per minute.

For a busy environment you can expect to require at least 1,000 minutes of message recording space, that is 1GB.

Web Server Operation

If web browser access to Unified Messaging Services (UMS) Web Access and/or Campaigns is required, Microsoft IIS Web Server must be installed on the VoiceMail Pro PC before installing VoiceMail Pro. Both applications must run as a service. A server operating system is required for IIS.

UMS Client Requirement

UMS IMAP access requires IMAP4 capable email clients such as Outlook. For voicemail web access see Web Server Operation above.

Server PC Consolidation

The VoiceMail Pro server application with all its components can be installed on a single server PC together with the Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office server application and the customer Call Reporter application. For this scenario the following limits have to be considered:

A maximum of eight VoiceMail Pro ports (with a maximum of four ports TTS)
A maximum of 50 one-X Portal for IP Office users
A maximum of 30 Customer Service Agents
A maximum of 500 calls per hour

Voicemail to Email Connection

Voicemail to Email operation is supported using either MAPI or SMTP. MAPI requires the VoiceMail Pro server PC to have a MAPI compliant email client install. See Voicemail Email Integration.

If Text to Speech is installed, email text to speech is supported using MAPI.

In both cases above, full email sending from the server PC to users PC should be configured and tested before VoiceMail Pro installation using the same PC user account under VoiceMail Pro will be installed.

UMS Exchange Integration

A Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is required. Earlier versions of Exchange can be integrated using the IMAP capability of UMS.

Voice Recording Library Management

IP Office Voice Recording Library (VRL) application is IP Office ContactStore. This application and its installation are documented separately. However:

Avaya ContactStore for IP Office should be installed after VoiceMail Pro has been installed and its operation verified.
The use of a DVD recorder for long-term archiving is recommended.
A figure of 7.2MB per hour of archived recordings is given.
The archived messages held by IP Office ContactStore are accessed via web browser using the port address 8888. This port address is not configurable and so it is necessary to ensure that it does not conflict with any other web server service running on the same server PC.

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