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Personal Distribution Lists

Personal Distribution Lists are only available with VoiceMail Pro when operating in INTUITY emulation mode.  The feature provides the ability for a user to distribute a voicemail message to a list of recipients simultaneously. Lists can be configured by a voicemail box subscriber either through their voicemail box telephone user interface (TUI) or through the desktop PC application Phone Manager Pro.

The features available to a voicemail box subscriber include:

Create up to 20 lists with 360 members per list
Mark a list as private or public, Private lists can not be accessed by any other voicemail subscriber.  Public lists can be used by other subscribers but can not be edited.
Public lists can be copied from one subscriber to another by adding the contents into a new list.
Subscribers can 'Create' new lists, 'Scan' contents of an existing list or 'Modify' existing lists.
List members can be added by using the station number or mailbox name (names are not supported for VoiceMail Pro Networked Messaging mailboxes).
Lists can include voicemail boxes that exist on other Avaya voicemail systems that are available through VoiceMail Pro Networked Messaging.
Lists can be added together, duplicate members are automatically removed.  This includes public lists owned by other voicemail subscribers.
Mailing lists are accessible to the user at any ‘send message’ and ‘forward message’ option within the user's voicemail box.
When displayed within Phone Manager Pro, distribution lists can have a list description added to it, this is only visible within Phone Manager Pro.

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