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By setting and creating using profiles the user is able to easily control where your calls are directed and how they are treated.

There are 3 default profiles, called Office, Mobile and Home. These can be edited but not deleted. The user can create up to 5 additional profiles. A special profile called Detected may also appear and it is displayed when the current telephone system settings don't match any of the profiles.

By selecting which of the saved profiles is the current one, the user applies that set of settings to the telephone system.

When creating or editing a profile, there are 4 settings that the user will have to select:

Mobility - The user can choose between:
The default desk phone
A number to forward the calls to
Mobile Twinning with the number to twin
Telecommuter with the number where the user is based
Voicemail - The user can choose to activate/deactivate the following options
Voicemail on call not answered
Voicemail ringback
Voicemail Outcalling
Voicemail to be listened on PC or on phone.
Active Greeting – The user can choose which recorded greeting to make active.
Call Pick Up – on/off

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