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Remote Hot Desking


The ability for a user to Hot Desk to other locations within the Small Community Network.
Available on Digital, Analog and IP phones.


A user can make and receive calls from any office as if using the phone on their own desk.
Single number, improved mobility and easy access to familiar features.
the user has access to the centralized system and personal directory as well as their call log (1400, 1600, 9600 Series and T3 phones only).
Great for consultants, managers, lawyers working on different offices on different days.


IP Office supports remote hot desking between IP Office systems within a Small Community Network (SCN).  The system on which the user configured is termed their 'home' IP Office, all other systems are 'remote' IP Offices. No additional licenses are required to support Remote Hot Desking other than the Voice Networking license on each IP500 within the SCN.

User Settings
When a user logs in to a remote IP Office system, all their user settings are transferred to that system.
The user’s incoming calls are rerouted across the SCN.
The user’s outgoing calls use the settings of the remote IP Office.
However some settings may become unusable or may operate differently. For example if the user uses a time profile for some features, those feature will only work if a time profile of the same name also exists on the remote IP Office.
Break Out Dialing
In some scenarios a hot desking user logged in at a remote system will want to dial a number using the system short codes of another system. This can be done using either short codes with the Break Out feature or a programmable button set to Break Out. This feature can be used by any user within the Small Community Network but is of significant use to remote hot deskers.

Note:  Remote Hot Desking is not supported for use with Customer Contact Center (CCC) or Customer Call Reporter (CCR). Features handled by the telephone itself are not affected by Hot Desking (e.g. call log and phone speed dials).

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