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IP Office Preferred Edition - VoiceMail Pro Resilience and Backup

Customer service with uninterrupted access to the business is essential – for customers who want to place orders, for partners who want to negotiate an important contract and for employees who need access to their important messages. A failure can be very expensive for a business and there are a number of reasons why a failure can happen: power outage, lost network connection, cable cuts, hardware failure, and so on.

But loss of money and reputation does not necessarily have to follow such a failure. The IP Office Resilience and Backup functionalities are supported by VoiceMail Pro. A VoiceMail Pro server, connected to a Primary IP Office, can automatically re-connect to a Backup IP Office if the connection between the two IP Office systems gets lost. This covers the failure of an IP Office or the connection between them. A Preferred Edition license is required on the backup IP Office system for this scenario.

Introduced with Release 6, a Backup VoiceMail Pro server offers additional comprehensive functionalities to keep the business communication up and running. A Backup VoiceMail Pro server can be added to an IP Office / VoiceMail Pro system to take over the voicemail functions in the case of a failure at the primary VoiceMail Pro system.

The Backup VoiceMail Pro server can act in different scenarios:

One IP Office, one Primary VoiceMail Pro server, and one Backup VoiceMail Pro server, where the backup is either at the same location as the IP Office / VoiceMail Pro or at an external site.
A Primary IP Office with a Primary VoiceMail Pro server and a Backup IP Office with a Backup VoiceMail Pro server at a second location.
A SCN with a Centralized VoiceMail Pro server connected to an IP Office at one site and a networked IP Office with a Backup VoiceMail Pro server. There might also be additional IP Office and Distributed VoiceMail systems within that SCN.

The diagram illustrates the second scenario:


The Primary VoiceMail Pro will establish a link to the Backup VoiceMail Pro and keep the greetings and configuration setting changes synchronized with the Primary VoiceMail Pro. Messages and message states are not synchronized between the Primary and the Backup VoiceMail Pro to avoid network overload.

Ideally the Backup VoiceMail Pro server is a mirror system of the Primary VoiceMail Pro server with all its capabilities, like the number of ports, licensed features, and hardware. All required functions have to be licensed through IP Office Preferred Edition and supported by adequate hardware (e.g. to ensure server performance and sufficient IP Office trunk lines). The 2 hour run-time of a VoiceMail Pro server without licenses does not apply to a backup scenario.

The Backup VoiceMail Pro server can have limited functionalities (e.g. fewer number of ports) if it is acceptable to have limited capabilities for a limited period until the re-connection of the main server.

Distributed Messaging

One Centralized VoiceMail Pro server is supported in a SCN of multiple IP Office systems with IP Office / VoiceMail Pro release 5 and earlier. IP Office R6 allows multiple Distributed VoiceMail Pro servers to be placed at selected or all of the IP Office nodes.

Into one SCN there can be one Centralized VoiceMail Pro, one Backup VoiceMail Pro (as a backup for the Centralized VMPro), and up to 30 Distributed VoiceMail Pro (theoretical value). The Centralized VoiceMail Pro server will keep its role as the main voicemail server. It provides the media store for voicemails left on the system, as well as the media services required on the SCN to IP Offices not supported by a local VoiceMail Pro server.


The retrieval of voicemails will require access to the Centralized VoiceMail Pro, while other voice resources will be available locally, providing local capabilities for queuing announcements, call recordings, auto attendants and leaving of voicemails.

On failure of a Distributed VoiceMail Pro, the Centralized VoiceMail Pro would be used for all functions as if no Distributed VoiceMail Pro servers were present.

There are no separate licenses for VoiceMail Pro, Distributed VoiceMail, Centralized VoiceMail, or Backup VoiceMail. These scenarios all require the same Preferred Edition license but will be configured differently in IP Office Manager according to the required function.

Configuration of the different VoiceMail Pro options in IP Office Manager

Configuration of the different VoiceMail Pro options in IP Office Manager

Each central, distributed, or backup site requires at least a server with a Preferred Edition license. Other features, which should be distributed over the SCN, require suitable licensing, for example additional voicemail ports or the Advanced Edition (for IVR, ContactStore, VB Scripting and so on).

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