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Customer Call Reporter


Contact Centers are a requirement at nearly every level of business, from very small informal groups of 5 or 10 "customer service reps", to large formal campaigns that can involve thousands of agents.

However, customers in the small business market are generally very nervous about making such a high profile investment in a "contact center solution." They require a "business intelligence solution" that deploys easily, can be managed with very little training, and can provide statistics on each segment of the business. Small businesses also do not have the resources for extra IT staff to administer databases, servers, etc, so they need a solution that can be easily understood by their own employees. It should operate as a service to each of the clients.

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Concept

IP Office Customer Call Reporter is Avaya’s new server based contact center product designed explicitly for small businesses. Drawing upon the latest web and design technologies, IP Office Customer Call Reporter introduces significant new capabilities to effectively and efficiently manage a multi-site call center environment. The product focus is on ease of use and deployment simplicity to ensure improved ongoing productivity and lower support costs.

In its native web server environment the IP Office Customer Call Reporter can be simply installed onto a single server without the need for any client software deployment. Administration and management of the call center is carried out via a thin client through a secure password protected web browser session.

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Key Features

Real time Call Center activity monitor and historical reporting.
Microsoft server based with thin client (web browser) client connections.
Simplified installation and maintenance.
Six reporting templates provide drag and drop and user defined filter functionality.
Three customizable Supervisor views and summarized Agent views.
Report Scheduler.
Multi-lingual capable.
Supports up to 30 Supervisors and 150 Agents.

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Business Benefits

Lower TCO
IP Office Customer Call Reporter provides small businesses with a web based contact center measurement tool, producing cradle to grave reporting in an easily understandable format with no client software to load.
Standards Based
IP Office Customer Call Reporter uses standards based applications, such as Microsoft SQL 2005 Express, and supports all major web browser software, to provide small business installers with greater flexibility in deployment.
Ease of Use
IP Office Customer Call Reporter’s real-time charts can be customized by the user in the manner that suits their business best, with historical reporting templates that allow the business to filter on the type of date they want to see.

Ordering IP Office Customer Call Reporter

Customer Call Reported supports the following maximum configurations for IP Office:

150 Agents
30 Supervisors

Activation of IP Office Customer Call Reporter is provided on an R6 system with the purchase of the IP Office Advanced Edition RFA, the Advanced Edition is a specialized call center bundle which also contains the following:

Contact Store for IP Office (CSIPO)
IVR Module
VB Scripting
Customer Call Reporter Supervisor (1 license)

Additional agents and supervisors can be purchased on top of Advanced Edition RFA

The IP Office Release 6 has a setting in IP Office Manager for designating which hunt groups will be reported upon by IP Office Customer Call Reporter. Any hunt group that contains an agent who is not properly licensed will not be able to retrieve any reporting on that group (real-time or historical).

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Server Operating System Requirements

The Customer Call Reporter server is supported on the following platforms:

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (All Versions)
Microsoft Windows Business Server 2003 R2.
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2.
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2.

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Server Hardware Requirements

The minimum server specifications are as follows:

IP Office Customer Call Reporter server
Intel Pentium D 945 core/AMD Athlon 64 4000+ ; with 2GB RAM and 30 GB free hard disk space. Note: The IP Office Customer Call Reporter server can co-reside with a VoiceMail Pro of less than 17 ports.

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Client Components

The client application consists of a secure thin client web browser session to the IP Office Customer Call Reporter server that will provide the Supervisor or Agent with a complete view of the Call Center.

The following web browsers will be supported:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above. Internet Explorer 8 recommended.
Mozilla Firefox, version 3.0 and above.
Windows Safari 3.1 and above.
Apple Safari 3.1 and above.

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Database

The database has been designed to provide a simple table schema. The database is a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 instance and the IP Office Customer Call Reporter will be packaged with the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express edition. It is recommended that any call center that predicts high call usage should understand the imposed limitations of Microsoft SQL 2005 Express edition and consider using the full version of Microsoft SQL 2005. Microsoft SQL 2000 and 2008 are not supported.

The database is a "pre-requisite" that must be installed prior to the IP Office Customer Call Reporter install. During installation the default location for the installation of the database is on the local drive. This can be changed to a remote location on the network. If an existing database is to be used then the option for this to exist on a remote server also applies.

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