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IP Office Customer Call Reporter Historical Reporting

The IP Office Customer Call Reporter reporting package has been simplified to enable the user to easily retrieve the reporting information they need from one of seven standard drag and drop report templates. The IP Office Customer Call Reporter offers "cradle to grave" reporting for businesses that want to track specifically how a call was routed through their business. The historical reporting is accessed via the Supervisor login and corresponding view as shown below.

Logon window

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Report Templates

The following main report templates are available with IP Office Customer Call Reporter:

Agent Summary Report
This report type details the call activity for agents in a queue or for specific agents.
Call Details Report
The Call Details Report contains details of the total number of calls, internal calls (optional), external outbound calls and the total number of external inbound calls.
Call Summary Report
The Call Summary Report contains details of the total calls presented and answered; the average speed to answer percentage and average speed to answer time, the number of calls overflowed and lost, the average abandon time as well as the grade of service.
Trace Reports
The Trace Report lists in chronological order all the events, date and time stamped that involved the subject selected.
Alarm Reports
Alarm reports can be created for the Supervisor Views. All the alarms for the selected subject are listed over a user specified time period. Totals are included that show the number of warning and critical alarms received for each unique alarm type included in the report.
Voicemail Reports
The report shows the following information; Total calls answered by the Auto-Attendant (VMPro), total calls abandoned (lost) in Auto-Attendant, and a table of unique call flow trigger names with a tally of the number of times the trigger has been received (e.g. who pressed 1 for sales in the Auto-Attendant).

Creating an IP Office Customer Call Reporter Report

From the seven basic report templates within IP Office Customer Call Reporter, a user can create over 100 different reports depending upon how they want to see the information that is most useful for their business. All standard report templates have common fields that can be completed to create a report. And when entering details in a field a wildcard ’*’ can be used to represent everything. The common fields are listed below:

Report Name
The text entered is used as the main title of the report. If the report is saved this is the saved name of the report.
This is the main subject of the report. The drop down list offers a list of report subjects that are pertinent to the report i.e. Hunt Group, Agent, DDI etc.
The filter is used to refine the data and again offers filters that are pertinent to the report i.e. All, Answered, Lost, etc.
Exclude Internal
When selected, internal calls are excluded from the report.
Working Hours
The start and finish time of the working day can be specified using the spin controls.
Group Results by
The drop down list offers a list of display options.
By default this field is shown as 'Manual'. If the option 'Scheduled' is selected then additional fields are available:
Report Format
The format that the report is to be produced in can be selected from Adobe, Word, Excel, Rich Text or Crystal.
Email Address
An email address can be entered if the report is to be sent by email.
The printer path that the report should be sent to.
Report Period
Selection of days, weeks or months from a list box. The number of days or weeks is counted from the date that the report is first scheduled to be run. Months are from the last full months data i.e. if the report is scheduled in February then January will be the last month in the report.
Report Range
The start and end date for the report.
If the default language is not required then another language can be selected that your system supports.

Filters can be used in the report to provide exactly the type of information the customer is looking for. The filter field is used to refine the data and offers the following options in a drop down list; All, Answered, Refused, Refused Overflowed, Overflowed All, Overflowed Off PBX, Overflowed on PBX, Transferred and Lost Calls. The default setting is all.

Reports can also be scheduled for future delivery to any network printer or email address in any of the supported formats.

IP Office Customer Call Reporter Report Examples

Call Details Report

call details report sample

Call Summary Report

call summary report sample

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