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SoftConsole Administration

SoftConsole has an administration mode that enables the operator to configure the following settings:

Control panel views
The BLF panel, call history panel, held calls panel and park slot panel can be hidden or made visible.
Change the Administrator password
Edit operator profiles
Each operator can have a personalized profile, which can be configured by the administrator.
Create and modify templates
SoftConsole comes with three predefined templates, which can be modified, or new templates can be created.
Specify the maximum length of call notes
IP Office supports a wide range of different telephone types. These have different display sizes so the operator can define the character length of messages sent to each user according to the type of phone they use.
System Tray working
The application can be minimized and left running in the system tray so that it can pop on received calls.

SoftConsole Telephone Requirements

SoftConsole provides extensive call management, but it still requires an IP Office telephone to provide the speech path. SoftConsole has been tested and is certified to work with all Avaya wired digital and IP phones that are listed in "Telephones" chapter.
SoftConsole cannot be used with IP DECT 3700 Series telephones.

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