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SoftConsole Options

SoftConsole has many configurable options available to the operator to personalize the look and feel. The Operator can tailor the usability specifically to each their personal preferences. The following configuration options are available:

Incoming Calls
This tab enables the operator to manage the local SoftConsole directory by creating, editing and deleting entries from the selected directory. Also the operator is able to associate a script or media file with each specific entry.
Queue Mode
This tab enables the operator to configure the queue window with up to 8 hunt group queues, which will include a recall queue. Queues can be created, edited and deleted while also providing the operator with the additional benefit of positioning them in the queue window in order of operator preference. Management by exception is used to monitor queue status by enabling the operator to set up various alarm thresholds such as the Number of calls in queue and Longest waiting call time. A WAV media file can be associated with an alarm for further customization.
Park Slots
This tab enables the operator to define which park slots are accessible on a system wide basis up to a maximum of 16. The operator is also able to assign which numbers are used to access each park slot and where the slot appears in the park slot panel.
BLF Groups
This tab allows the operator to create and edit BLF groups.
Door Entry
This tab allows the operator to configure up to two door entries.
This tab enables the operator to choose access to the following directories: SoftConsole local directory, IP Office system directory and Microsoft Outlook contacts. Once chosen, the operator is able to map fields to directory entries.
This tab allows the operator to set up the names of the two conference rooms. The names will appear on the telephone displays of users in the conference room (maximum of 10 characters).
Keyboard Mapping
This tab allows the operator to assign keyboard short cut keys for SoftConsole functions.
Keyboard Actions
This tab allows the operator to specify the default action when alphabetic or numeric characters are pressed.
Alphabetic Keystrokes: Begin directory search or Open call annotation window
Numeric Keystrokes: Begin directory search or Open pop-up dial pad
This tab allows the operator to change the appearance of SoftConsole fonts, skins and the call information window color.
This tab allows the operator to save the changes made to the configuration of SoftConsole either automatically or manually to a local configuration file on the PC.

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