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All Avaya telephones are designed to ensure that features and functions are easily accessible to the user - ensuring that, through ease of use, the full benefits of the system are delivered to the desktop.

The phones that support handsfree operation are intended for individual use only, not for group and conference room operation.

The telephones listed below are the preferred and premier range of telephones for use on the IP Office. These telephones are sold worldwide in every country that the IP Office is available. This telephone range consists of both digital and IP telephones.

IP Office worldwide digital phones:

IP Office worldwide IP phones:

In addition to the telephones above, the IP Office supports a wide range of phones as listed below. However, note that some of these phones are only available in certain countries and regions.

Other digital/analog phones:

Other IP phones:

The following phones are fully supported on IP Office R6 but are no longer available for new sales.

Other digital/analog phones:

Other IP phones:

6408D Telephone
5601 IP Telephone
6416D Telephone
4601 IP Telephone
6424D Telephone
4602SW IP Telephone
XM24 DSS Unit
5602SW IP Telephone
20DT DECT Telephone (with IP DECT only)
4610SW IP Telephone
5620 IP Telephone
4620/21 IP Telephone
4625SW IP Telephone
4450 DSS Unit
3616 Executive Wireless (WiFi) Phone

3620 Healthcare Wireless (WiFi) Phone
For maximum cabling distances please refer to the IP Office Installation Manual.

Legacy Telephone Support

The following telephones are not supported by IP Office Release 6. They may function but have not been tested with IP Office Release 6 and any faults reported with IP Office Release 6 will not be fixed.

20DT Analog DECT used with IP Office Analog DECT and Compact DECT.
TransTalk 9040
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