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Supported Audio and Video Hardware

Softphone can run with any Windows sound device supporting full-duplex quality.

If possible, audio devices are automatically detected and allocated to the Softphone.

Softphone supports simultaneous operation of two sound devices, e.g. a headset or USB handset for normal calls and a USB handsfree unit for handsfree operation. It is possible to switch between the sound devices at any time during the call.

For alerting, in addition to that the PC speakers can be activated to ring the phone.

For ease of use, similar to desktop phones, Softphone supports USB devices for audio as well as for call control, e.g. accepting and terminating a call. Softphone supports the “HID” standard for USB devices allowing generic USB devices to be configured.

A number of USB devices have been tested with Softphone for interoperability, including Hook switch control as well as dialing (if supported by that device).

Audio Devices:
Plantronics DSP (USB headset)
Plantronics 510 (Bluetooth headset with USB base)
Plantronics CS50 (USB wireless headset)
GN Netcom 8120 (USB headset adapter for GN Netcom headsets)
Yealink W1DL (Cordless USB phone with Dialpad)
Yealink P1K (Corded USB Phone with Dialpad)
Generic USB soundcard and USB HID interface support (with configuration assistant)
Video Cameras:
Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000, 5000, 9000
Creative Webcam NX Pro
Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000

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