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System Administration

The PARTNER Version can be programmed in 2 ways:

Telephone User Interface (TUI) from extension 10 or extension 11; and uses the same administration codes as the PARTNER ACS system (see Table 1). Button Programming Features use the same codes as the PARTNER ACS system (see Table 2).

TUI programming is an alternate way to do System Administration and Programming on the PARTNER Version. It is based on the PARTNER ACS TUI, but with improvements.

Using TUI System Administration on ETR and 14xx sets, the buttons under the display become soft-keys which are used to navigate and change the administration items. There are also shortcut codes which enable the administrator to jump to particular administration items.

Centralized Programming is similar to System Administration, but it is used to administer buttons and other options for any phone in the system.

Individual Programming continues to be supported, allowing the station user to program buttons on their sets.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) – PARTNER Version provides a “Simplified Manager” mode in the IP Office Manager software; allowing you to program the system in less than 30 minutes.

“Simplified Manager” is a PC GUI application inherent to the IP Office Manager application. Although system administration can be completed via either the TUI or GUI method; some advanced features such as SIP and PRI/T1 administration require the Manager application.

When you execute Manager, the program searches for any IP500v2 units running PARTNER Version on your network and will automatically connect using the default login and password. You are then presented with a “Simplified Manager” Screen:


By using the 10 System Hyperlinks, you are able to quickly and easily administer the PARTNER Version system in a short time. Further details can be found in the IP Office PARTNER Version Manager documentation guide posted on the Avaya Support website.

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