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System Features

PARTNER Version provides the majority of the feature set that the PARTNER ACS R8 supports. A listing of the built-in features is detailed on the following page.

Feature Overview

911 Emergency Dialling

Conference Drop

Music On Hold

Abbreviated Ringing

Contact Closure Support (2 devices)

Mobile Twinning

Absent Text

Copy Settings

Network Time Synchronization

Account Codes

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Night Service

Allowed/Disallowed Lists

Direct Line Pickup Features

On Hook Dialing

Application Programming Interface (TAPI)


Paging Features

Attendant/Operator Positions

Display Language

Personal Line Termination

Automatic Callback

Distinctive / Differentiated Ring

Personalized Station Ringing

Automatic Daylight Savings Time

Do Not Disturb (Send All Calls)

POT Support

Automatic Extension Privacy

Doorphones (max of 2)


Auto Dialing

Emergency Phone Number List


Automatic Line Selection

External Hotline

Redialing Features

Automatic VMS Coverage

Extension Hunt Groups

Remote Call Forwarding / Mobile Twinning

Backup Failure Alarm

Extension Name Display

Ringing Line Preference

Backup Programming Automatic

Fax Machine Extensions

Ring on Transfer

Backup Programming Manual

Feature Button


Bridging (Joining Calls)

Group Calling – Ring/Page

Speed Dial Features

Call Coverage

Group Hunting – Ring/Voice Signal

Station Lock/Unlock

Call Forwarding/Follow Me(Intercom)

Group Pickup

System Password

Call Log (Digital Sets only)


System Groups

Call Logs (ETR sets)

Hold Release on Abandon

Transfer / Transfer Return

Call Pickup

Hold Reminder Tone

VMS Cover Button

Call Timer

Hot Dial

VMS Cover Ring Interval

Call Timer Continuity


VMS Hunt Delay

Call Waiting

Idle Intercom Timeout

VMS Hunt Schedule

Caller ID Features

Intercom Manual Dial

Voice Mailbox Transfer – Direct

Cell Phone Connect (see Mobile Twinning)

Intercom Dial Tone

Voice Messaging

Centralized Telephone Programming (from admin phones)

Line Coverage Extension

Visual Messaging

CO Disconnect Time (Programmable)

Line Ringing Options

Voice Mail to e-mail

Feature description can be found on the following pages. TUI Feature Programming Codes (if applicable) are also provided.

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