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Using Text To Speech (TTS) Facilities within a Call Flow

Text-to-Speech (TTS) can be used to further enhance IP Office IVR and call flow capabilities; TTS facilities can enhance the callers experience by allowing the system to read back to them any information that has been extracted from a database. For example, in a book shop, the caller dials into the system and is asked for an ISBN number of the book they require. The caller enters the ISBN through the telephone keypad and the system locates the title of the book from the database. As well as finding the title, the system could also look up the author of the book and whether there were any books in stock. By using TTS, the system could now respond to the call:

"The book, Lord Of The Rings, costing $6.99, written by J R R Tolkien is in stock".

From VoiceMail Pro Release 6 onwards it is also possible to use Text-to-Speech within call flows or auto attendants for announcements. A call flow / auto attendant can be enabled to read text that has been created by call flow actions and offers much more flexibility because there is no longer the need for pre-recorded and static announcements. If there is a change to an announcement the call flow action will create the new announcement and will play it to the caller.

The IP Office Advanced Edition contains 8-port 3rd party Text-to-Speech capability and can be used either with a TTS engine that has to be purchased separately or - when no 3rd party engine is installed - with the Microsoft TTS engine which is part of the Windows operating system.

An alternative is the Avaya TTS license which adds a TTS engine available in 22 different languages:

Chinese (Mandarin)
Chinese (Cantonese)
English (UK)
English (US)
French (Standard)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Spanish (Latin)

The Avaya TTS is a per-port license.

The total number of TTS ports on each VoiceMail Pro system is limited to eight. On a single or Centralized VoiceMail Pro, up to eight concurrent ports can be used for IVR and email reading, on a distributed VoiceMail Pro up to eight ports can be used for IVR.

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