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Visual Voice


Provides interface to voicemail through handset display and buttons e.g. Listen, Save, Delete, Fast Forward.


Quick access to voicemails and commonly used messaging features.


You can access and control voice messages via the display on Digital or IP phones.  Visual Voice requires Preferred Edition or Essential Edition, and can only be used with large display LCD sets onlyfrom the 1400, 1600, 2400, 5400, 4600, 5600, 9600 and T3 series. (1403, 1603, 1603SW, 2402, 5402, 4601, 4602SW, 5601, 5602SW do not support Visual Voice).

The fixed message button on certain phones can be configured to invoke visual voice (this is the default setting for new configurations). This configurable option frees the button programming required currently for Visual Voice.

Features supported are:

access new/old/saved messages for personal and hunt group mailboxes.
next and previous message.
fast forward and rewind.
pause message.
save, delete and copy message to other users of the system.
change default greeting.
change password.
change email settings (Preferred Edition only).

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