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VPN Phone Functionality

VPN Phone is a full-featured IP Telephony solution that provides secure communication over public ISP networks to an IP Office system at the company headquarters.

It is a software-only product that runs on the standard 5610/5620/5621 or 4610/21 IP telephones. In combination with one of these phones and the most popular VPN gateway products, the software extends enterprise telephony to remote locations.

VPN functionality is also supported on the new 9600 IP phones, not requiring a separate software load.

VPN Phones offer the full IP Office telephony features that are available on IP Office IP phones at the users desktop in a remote location like a home-office:

From release 6 onwards, no license for VPN functionality is needed for either 5600 or 9600 Series phones.


VPN Phone is ideal for IP Office customers supporting "work-at-home" users:

Virtual Office workers
Remote workers
Remote call center
Business continuity support
Very small locations that require a single phone only
Temporary installations such as conferences, off-site meetings, and trade shows

VPN Phone has been tested with a number of VPN-gateways from major vendors like Cisco or Juniper as well as with smaller VPN-access devices from companies like Adtran, Kentrox, Netgear, and SonicWall. Refer to the support pages ( for a list of available application notes on VPN-gateways tested with each line of phones.

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