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Wireless - WiFi (802.11)

The Avaya IP Wireless solution offers an advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) client for wireless networks. This solution allows SME's to take advantage of the cost savings and simplified management of a converged voice and data infrastructure.

The 3641 and 3645 phones provide an improved user-interface, a new lightweight design and a radio that supports several WiFi standards (802.11a/b/g). With these handsets customers have an increased choice to fit their needs and infrastructure.

Based on global standards for wireless LAN's, the Avaya IP Wireless Telephone Solution simplifies network infrastructure by enabling voice traffic to be carried along with data traffic over the same wireless network. 3616, 3620 and 3626 telephones are supported but no longer available from Avaya for direct sequence 802.11b WiFi networks; the 3641 and 3645 will also work in 802.11a and 802.11g networks. These phones are also field upgradeable through external TFTP clients (not included), so telephones can be updated with new protocols, features, and capabilities as they become available.

Users can have a choice of an executive or rugged workplace telephone and all the productivity benefits of their desk telephone in this next generation of wireless telephone solutions.

Wireless IP Terminals

Users can have a choice of 2 WiFi phones to meet their in building mobility needs:

Both support the 802.11 a/b/g standards and up to 12 lines or selected features. Both of these handsets are resistant to dust and spraying water and therefore also suitable for harsh environments. They also offer office-quality speaker-phone functionality.
Avaya 3641 supports a broad range of enterprise applications and is ideally suited for general office, financial or hospitality industries. This compact handset offers a high-resolution backlight graphic display a new, improved user-interface and design and a lightweight form factor.
Avaya 3645 is a slightly larger version that in addition supports "push-to-talk" functionality for broadcast communication between employees. Due to its rubberized sized grips and the larger ear cup it is especially well suited in noisy and industrial environments.
Access to 2*6 lines or selected features through the "line" key and the "FCN" key (no individual labels are supported for the administered functions on the function keys, status information only for call appearances but not for line appearances).

Avaya Voice Priority Processors

The Avaya Voice Priority Processor (AVPP) is an Ethernet LAN appliance that works with access points to provide Quality of Service (QoS) on the wireless LAN. All packets to and from the wireless phones pass through the AVPP and are encapsulated for prioritization as they are routed to and from IP Office. AVPP is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards.

AVPP is required for QoS because the current IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN standards provide only limited mechanism for differentiating audio packets from data packets. It also delivers quality of service by limiting the number of phones that are connected to one access point in order to avoid quality problems. In addition AVPP ensures that the phone can run in energy-efficient mode when not in use. The following AVPPs are available to meet customer needs:

AVPP100: Serves 80 calls simultaneously.
AVPP020: Serves 20 powered-on handsets.
AVPP010: Serves 10 powered-on handsets.

Wireless Access Points

When using the Avaya Wireless IP solution, customers can utilize wireless access points from various vendors. The list of compatible wireless access points is large and constantly growing. Please visit and select "WLAN Compatibility List" for the latest information.


Supports 802.11 a/b/g standards for Wi-Fi networks converging voice and data over a single network.
Seamless integration with IP Office.
Excellent voice quality on converged wireless networks.
Lightweight, durable handsets specifically designed for workplace use.
Improved display, battery life, processor power all with lower costs.
Increased range of AVPP's to address the needs of diverse construct sizes.
Multitude of accessories are available:
Dual Charger (full charge accomplished in approximately one and a half hours).
Quick Charger (full charge accomplished in approximately one and a half hours).
Single, Dual, and Quad Chargers for the 3641 and 3645 phones.
Belt Clip.
Nylon Pouch.
Carrying case with Lanyard.
Hands Free Pouch.
Noise canceling headset.
Over the ear headset.

Avaya IP Wireless Telephony Solution (AWTS) Open Application Interface (OAI) Gateway

The AWTS Open Application Interface (OAI) Gateway enables third- party software applications to communicate with the Avaya IP Wireless Telephones. This serves as a two-way messaging device. Many companies provide applications that interface to your in-house paging systems, email, and client-server messaging. Other vendors with complementary systems such as nurse call, telemetry, alarm, and control system manufacturers are currently developing applications to interface with the Avaya IP Wireless Telephone solution.

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